1) N-COUNT: oft poss N A woman's breasts are the two soft, round parts on her chest that can produce milk to feed a baby.

She wears a low-cut dress which reveals her breasts...

As my newborn cuddled at my breast, her tiny fingers stroked my skin.

Derived words:
-breasted COMB in ADJ

She was slim and muscular and full-breasted.

2) N-COUNT: poss N A person's breast is the upper part of his or her chest. [LITERARY]

He struck his breast, asking blessed Mary ever Virgin to pray for him.

3) N-COUNT: usu with poss The breast is often considered to be the part of your body where your emotions are. [LITERARY]

The verse rose up to fire his breast with inspiration...

The battle roared; a sound calculated to arouse the sublimest emotions in the breast of the soldier.

4) N-COUNT A bird's breast is the front part of its body.

The cock's breast is tinged with chestnut and narrowly barred with white.

Derived words:
-breasted COMB in ADJ

...flocks of red-breasted parrots.

5) N-SING: the N The breast of a shirt, jacket, or coat is the part which covers the top part of the chest.

He moved out from beneath an awning, reaching for something inside the breast of his overcoat...

He reached into his breast pocket for his cigar case.

6) N-VAR A piece of breast is a piece of meat that is cut from the front of a bird or lamb.

...a chicken breast with vegetables.

...breast of lamb.

7) See also , single-breasted
8) PHRASE: V inflects (emphasis) If you say that someone beats their breast, you are emphasizing that they are very angry or upset about something, or that they are pretending to be very angry or upset about it.

The president beat his breast and called that deal a mistake.

9) PHRASE: V inflects If you make a clean breast of something, you tell someone the truth about yourself or about something wrong that you have done.

I might as well make a clean breast of it. I have been living as a woman since 1975.


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